Bridge building workshop with TOG

14th February 2014 in General

Image of Bridge building workshop with TOG
Engineer’s Week 2014, run by Engineers Ireland, has been a great success this year with many events running throughout the week. Last Saturday, TOG Dublin, ran a workshop in bridge building at the Science Gallery. Who are TOG? TOG are a group of like minded volunteers who run a shared space where members can be creative and work on their projects in an environment that is both inspiring and supportive of both new and old technologies. We stopped in to the Science Gallery to give a brief presentation about the Liffey bridges and see how the 50+ participants got on in building basic bridges out of lollipop sticks and glue. There were two winners on the day:

Design Winner

Image of Bridge building workshop with TOG

© TOG Dublin

A team of beavers and cubs from Donabate Scoup Group.

Weight Winner

The winning bridge held a weight of 41kg and the team took the bridge home to test it’s maximum strength.

Check out for more events taking place over the weekend. Thanks to TOG Dublin and the Science Gallery.