Rosie Hackett Bridge voted Engineering Project of the Year

11th November 2014 in Announcements

Image of Rosie Hackett Bridge voted Engineering Project of the Year

Dr. Niamh Shaw (Host for Event), Fred Barry (National Roads Authority), Tony Dempsey (Roughan & O’ Donovan), PJ McCaffery (Graham Projects Ltd), Fintan Buggy (Roughan & O’ Donovan), Per Eskilson (Roughan & O’ Donovan), Gordon Rowland (Dublin City Council), Philip Brown (Graham Projects Ltd), Karen Kennedy (Dublin City Council), Conor Evans (Roughan & O Donovan) and John Power (Director General of Engineers Ireland).

© Engineers Ireland

The Rosie Hackett Bridge, which links the north and south banks of the River Liffey, has been voted Engineering Project of the Year by the Irish public in an online vote in the fifth annual Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards.
The Rosie Hackett Bridge by Dublin City Council, Roughan & O’Donovan, Sean Harrington Architects and Graham Projects Ltd is the newest bridge overlooking Dublin’s riverscape. The graceful structure, with a total depth of only 45.7 centimetres at mid span, just 15 centimetres longer than a standard ruler, connects the north and south of the city centre with two southbound bus lanes, one southbound light rail (LUAS) track, two footpaths and two cycle tracks.
The bridge has set a new standard in the capabilities of structural concrete, far exceeding anything that has been achieved in this country before. The span to depth ratio achieved on this bridge is a match for anything seen globally and has been the topic of much discussion within the international bridge world since it opened.
The objective for the Rosie Hackett Bridge was not to create a dramatic statement. It was required to be understated, respecting the rich cultural heritage of the immediate environs. This is not to say that the Rosie Hackett Bridge could ever be considered an ordinary bridge. In many ways the technology required to achieve the simplicity is the extraordinary triumph of this bridge.
The Rosie Hackett delivers increased commuter connectivity and faster travel times which provide travel time benefits for both the public and the economy.
Michael Phillips, City Engineer, said that he is delighted that the public showed such an interest in the bridge. He also wishes to congratulate and thank everyone associated with the project.