Zoom in on our high quality images

11th October 2013 in Site News

Image of Zoom in on our high quality images

Carlisle Bridge (1820)

© Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

We have over 900 images within our Gallery section but we also have a number of higher quality images where you can zoom in to greater detail. Look for the ‘View large resolution image’ button on each image (desktop and tablet only). You can see a full list by each bridge below:

Lucan Bridge

West-Link Bridge

Island Bridge

Sean Heuston Bridge

Rory O’More Bridge

Father Mathew Bridge

O’Donovan Rossa Bridge

Grattan Bridge

Ha’penny Bridge

O’Connell Bridge

Butt Bridge

Loopline Bridge

Sean O’Casey Bridge

Samuel Beckett

East-Link Bridge

Where a bridge isn’t listed above, we don’t have any higher quality images for that one.