Design and Engineering

Farmleigh Bridge is a single span steel box truss bridge, on rock faced cut limestone supports and was built sometime around 1880. The primary use of the bridge was to carry electricity lines from the mill race turbine to the nearby Farmleigh Estate It was not accessible to the public, who had to cross via a downstream ferry that was in use until the mid 20th century. In 1880 a 37m high water tower (capacity 8,183 litres) was constructed to meet the needs of Farmleigh with the water supply from the River Liffey being piped across the bridge to it.

Image of Farmleigh Bridge - Design & Engineering

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Presently the bridge is in need of refurbishment prior to opening to the public. As of April 2007, structures resembling handrails have been erected within the bridge superstructure, although no base is present.